The OG memecoin on Blast. No BS. Just pure vibes.

First memecoin on Blast. Stealth launched. LP vanished. Community-driven meme here to redefine shitcoins.

BEPE Pixelated

Total Supply

A fixed supply of 100,000,000,000. That's 100 billion fairly launched fully distributed!


Burnt Liquidity

Liquidity burnt an hour after launch. No risk of rugs and no foul play. Only direction is up.

A meme powerhouse on the Blast Blockchain. Not just any coin.

With 100 billion tokens, stealth launch, and LP burned, we're rewriting the rules while others scramble to keep up. Blasting away every other shitcoin on-chain.

Be one of the

CEX Listing Soon...

B404 Art Soon...


What is $BEPE?

Blast Pepe or $BEPE is the first meme coin on Blast. 100 billion tokens, stealth launched, and LP burned. Our community is tight. Our conviction strong. So buckle up because there's only one direction we go from here. Up.

Who is behind $BEPE?

$BEPE was created by a solo dev wanting to start the first memecoin community on Blast. The rest of us followed to ensure that mission survives and thrives. We're here for the long term. To blast all other memecoin projects out of the water.

How to buy?

$BEPE is a memecoin on Blast. To buy it, you must bridge ETH via the Blast Bridge. From there, you can take your bridged ETH to AMM's like Thruster to buy $BEPE.

Why Blast?

We've never been more bullish on any L2 more than we have on Blast. Native ETH staking is a gamechanger and allowing users to explore while still passively earning yield. As they say, build it and they will come.